Queen loves yellow

OMG! UUPS! I did it again. Bought some yellow again. Thank God, the dress is for my daughter. Earlier I hated yellow. It´s my twinsisters favourite colour. That´s not the reason, I love my sister <3. One summer I wore one t-shirt and all the bugs and flies from southern Finland found me. For sure! This season I like the palest shade of yellow. It´s almost popcorn yellow. Isn´t it?

T-shirt with sheer back.

Something white! Peplum kinda.

Bright blazer.

For my daughter.

My inspiration: Candice.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Aah, toi tote tuossa vikassa kuvassa on aivan ihana!

    xx Heidi Caterina


  2. Jep. Celine. Hinta kevyet 1800 e...Että silleen...Ihana on ehdottomasti.